Meet the Founder

Nina HeadshotI’m Nina, a lifestyle blogger living outside of Boston, juggling life as a Mama, wife, sister, daughter and small business owner.

Somewhere in beween running a Marketing & Sales Consulting Firm, and enjoying free time with my family, I’ve made a conscious decision to foster my own wellness through building a judgment-free source of community and information around what inspires real-life women to MOVE – as living, breathing examples that we can indeed have it all: Balance, Good Health and Happiness.

So amidst the judgment that us ladies often face, my goal here is to [instead] highlight the crazy/beautiful, absolute awesomeness that is postpartum women doing whatever they can to keep moving, ranging from a casual stroll to powerlifting (both are equally impressive to me!).

Thus, here you’ll find featured new Mamas who are willing to share their own inspirations and goals with you–tips on how they are staying in shape both mentally and physically–along with an aggregation of nutritious recipes and workouts that are quick enough to power through, even when you’re running on fumes!

And since I’m asking you all to share so much! Here’s a little more about me….

Things I LOVE: My beautiful family, Sangria, Spinning, Live Music, Writing, Homemade Meatballs, Pinterest, My father’s piano-playing, Golfing, Patio Dining, Dancing, All things Purple, The Pats!

Things I CAN’T STAND: Liars, Salmon, Bullies, Cleaning the bathroom, Harsh winters, Crying in public, Jameson whiskey.

In case you missed it, check us out in the local news!

Hingham Mom Creates Advice & Support Blog for New Mothers via WickedLocal Hingham


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