The Juggle is Real.

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Guest Contributor: Vanessa Merlo Lewis

We hear it all the time: “There are not enough hours in the day!”

And I totally agree—motherhood is a constant, challenging balancing act to juggle time spent on family, friends and career.

Every mother experiences some sort of guilt, especially in the beginning, about not being able to commit 100% to any facet of her life.

Many of us set the bar to be the “perfect” parent, and when we (naturally) don’t meet those unrealistic expectations of superhero time management, we feel like we’re failing everyone, including ourselves.

We know that it is crucial to have “me time” set aside, a commitment to spending time away from the kids with our girlfriends, or a romantic date night with our spouse.

I encourage you to add your own personal physical wellness to that bucket of essential “me time” to re-set, relax, reflect and rejuvenate.

Below are a few manageable “Me time” activities that you can accomplish in under 10 minutes, that are significant and just for YOU:

  • Wake up 10 minutes before your family arises and have a cup of coffee alone to set your own intentions for the day
  • Download the app HeadSpace and do a quick 10-minute meditation in your living room before your kids wake up, during nap-time or after bedtime. They even have one for moms!
  • Once a month, plan a fun girls’ night out with friends
  • Once a week, plan at least 60 minutes of (real) alone time with your significant other
  • Try this quick and easy no-equipment-needed workout that you can literally do anywhere:

    4 sets of 20 reps:
    Jumping jacks
    Push ups
    Sit ups
    Tricep dips off chair
    Jumping jacks
    Alternating backward lunges
    High knees
    Butt kicks

Happy Mama = Happy Baby!

About Our Guest Contributor


Vanessa Merlo has been a part of the Boston health and fitness industry for nine years. Her passion for the business began in college, where she graduated from Suffolk University with a BSBA in Marketing. During her junior year, she started her own weight loss journey. She made a promise to herself right then and there. She would devote her time and energy to lose weight while learning how to sustain a clean, healthy life style. By doing so she lost 80lbs and stayed committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Her journey would take time to develop.  After graduating with a business degree, she went off into the corporate world. Realizing this career was not her passion; she quit her job, followed her heart and became a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Vanessa continues to take classes, gain certifications and educate herself on this ever-revolving industry. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN, along with Kettlebells, Pre-post Natal, TRX ,  and Crossfit certifications. She knows the healthiest, most natural way to lose weight and keep it off.

While honoring her craft and sharing her knowledge with others, she lost an astounding 110lbs. That promise she made years before came to fruition. Now, her goal is simple. Help those in need to begin their health and wellness journey. Her mission: Inspire and coach others to live a healthier life through food and fitness.

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