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To all of the women who have participated in & supported this blog community for the past two years: THANK YOU for your contribution and honesty.

I am thrilled to share the What Makes You Move, Mama? Holistic Guide to Wellness For New Mothers, Inspired by Real Mothers (& Other Experts), which offers a compilation of best practices stemming from these real-life interviews, and featured tips from experts Dr. Jodi Ashbrook [Inspirational Speaker, Author & Wellness Entrepreneur] & Jodi Hogan [Certified Personal Trainer at the Weymouth Club] who offer their wisdom and direction on improving your holistic wellness: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual as you embark on your journey in motherhood.

Give the gift of Wellness to the women you love who are expecting, or experiencing Motherhood for the first time (or Treat Yo’self).

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