Got 6 minutes?…More Core!

Okay here it is…an example of one inevitable (and brutal) short exercise to help you find your core again. It’s a great easy-to-follow video thanks to and it’s only 6 minutes long…you’re welcome.

I know I still find myself wondering how the heck, just 4 months ago, I had an entire human being living inside of my belly. It’s just pure amazing-ness when you stop and think about it, instead of dwelling on the aftermath. So stop drinking the haterade, embrace your battle wounds, pat yourself on the back for creating a MIRACLE literally, and get back on the horse Mamas. It’s a slow and steady road to strengthening your core, but it’s doable!

Quick 6 Minute Workout to a Stronger Core Video:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.30.01 AM

From Bethany Lyons, founder of New York City-based Lyons Den Power Yoga, shares her six-minute routine that uses small, focused movements to bring strength and stability to your core. Watch the video above to start slimming and toning with this easy routine.


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