Featured Movin’ Mama: Chelsey

Meet Chelsey!
Lorenzen, Chelsey - Feature Photo

Chelsey is a 28-year old Mama living outside of Boston, currently working full-time as a Special Events Manager at a gorgeous renowned spa. When she’s not hosting brides and beauties downtown, she’s spending as much QT as possible with her two-and-a-half year old daughter. We asked her how she’s kept moving postpartum, and here’s what she said:

What is your favorite form of exercise right now, and why?

Weightlifting is important to me and I make sure to include this in my daily workouts. I incorporate all different weights depending on the body part I am focusing on; dumbbells, weighted bars, or kettle bells. Cardio isn’t my favorite exercise but I do enjoy spin class and will try to do at least one class a week!  *She also suggests adding a good ol’ fashioned push-up into your regimen whenever possible – check out a how-to from Women’s Health Magazine!

What is your diet like on an average day? Where would you like to improve?

I put aside time on every Monday to meal prep for the week. I prep two meals a day for myself to take to work with me. It is so important for me because it keeps me on a strict schedule and I want to make sure I am having enough healthy food to fuel my body throughout the day. I will also pack snacks as well to have in between meals to stay energized like almonds or rice cakes and peanut butter. Temptation is everywhere especially in the summer when there are BBQs that have chips and ice cream every weekend. You just have to keep busy and try to stay focused. But it’s okay if you indulge once in a while because that is what summer is about and you can always get back on track!

Name two fitness goals for 2015 and how you plan to track your progress.

I have come to realize the number on the scale does not matter; it’s about how you feel! I’m really trying to define muscles in my body that I once ignored. I’ve been focusing on my back for the past few months and taking progress pictures every 6 weeks. Taking these pictures and comparing them really gives me the motivation I need to keep working on it.

What has been your biggest challenge with wellness since the birth of your last child and how are you overcoming it?

I think it is important to have meals together with your children and share those moments. But my daughter is a typical 2 year old who loves mac and cheese and popsicles and I end up helping her finish her food! It is tempting for me especially when I make her something different and she is picky and won’t eat it. I hate to see it go to waste!

How do you typically relieve stress?

Honestly working out is my stress reliever. It is my place to unwind, listen to music, and have ‘me’ time. I enjoy working out first thing in the morning. I start my day at 5:00am and head to the gym before anyone is awake. It energizes me for the rest of the day and allows me to spend more time with my daughter after work.

What do you love most about being a new mom so far?

I love being able to see my daughter laugh and smile. We have shared so many great memories in these past two years and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I love watching her see something for the first time. I took her to the aquarium and seeing her look at the fish and sea turtles for the first time made me so happy. Her favorite movie is ‘Finding Nemo’ so it was new to her to actually see live fish that looked like Nemo. Hehe it was a great and she always talks about going back to see Nemo.

Who do you lean on most for support when it comes to wellness, and why?

My gym is filled with supportive and motivational people. It is a great atmosphere to be a part of and makes me feel good knowing we all share a common goal. These are the people I can ask questions or advice when I’m in a rut at the gym or not feeling motivated. I also follow my gym and other wellness Instagram’s and that honestly gives me that extra motivation on days when I don’t want to work out!

What is one piece of candid advice you’d like to share with other new moms regarding general wellness?

Take your time; you know your body better than anyone else. You will know the right time to start working on your fitness post-partum. Don’t read the magazines where they show the celebrities who are a size 0 one month after giving birth. That is not real! It can give you false hope and make you feel insecure when your body does not switch right back to how it used to be. Be comfortable in your own skin and do it on your own time.


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