Featured Movin’ Mama: Ally

Meet Ally!

Hayes, Ally - Feature Photo - August 2015

Ally is a 30-year-old Movin’ Mama, living outside of Boston with her husband, nearly-3-year-old daughter and brand new baby boy…just 5 weeks old! As a Personal Trainer, Ally’s goal to get back into shape isn’t just for her own well-being, she means business! I asked how she’s Living Well today, and here’s what she told me…

How do you typically start your day?

When I am not on maternity leave, my typical morning is waking up at 5 AM so I can get to work by 5:30 AM for my first client! I am definitely a morning person and I always make sure I eat breakfast, because it is my favorite meal of the day. Now that I am on maternity leave, my morning routine is enjoying my cup of coffee and breakfast at home with my family.

What does your workout regimen consist of?

My workout regimen consists of two things: Lifting & Tabata. I love challenging, high intensity workouts because it brings out the inner-athlete in me.  I workout 5 days per week because I genuinely enjoy working out. It is something that makes me happy and makes me a better mother & wife.

Do you think losing the baby weight will be harder or easier this time around than before?

I am currently on that hard journey of losing the baby weight that every new mom has to conquer. I am finding it harder this time around, because I find it’s more difficult to find time to workout, prepare my own healthy meals, and I am just more tired in general!

What has been your biggest challenge with wellness so far since the birth of your son?

The biggest obstacle in wellness after having my son is trying not to lose myself as an individual. It’s easy for moms to become so consumed with their children that they forget they still have needs. I am currently struggling emotionally as I am trying to be a great mom, yet still be a supportive wife, caring friend, productive employee, etc. Trying to wear so many “hats” can be exhausting, but in the end you have to remember you are number one. You have to love and nurture yourself before you can be all those other things to everyone else. I hope I can remember those words myself and to never forget that I am much more then just a Mom.

What are a few best wellness tips you’d like to share with other new moms?

  • Moderation is key: Don’t over exert yourself trying to do it all, indulge when you want, portion control, & balance work & play!
  • Rest & Recover: I’m a huge believer in rest. Moms, especially new ones, tend to not get enough sleep, but your body, mind & soul need that sleep more then you think it does. The same goes for working out. Sometimes people overdo it and think they need to work out for hours a day or 7 days a week. But I promise you MORE is NOT better! Rest, Recover & Repeat in all aspects in life.
  • Be Your Own Best Friend: You are doing the best you can. Support, praise and help yourself like you would your closest friend. Positivity and self-confidence goes a long way.

What do you do when you want to have “Me” time?

When I want “me” time I workout. It’s makes me feel good & strong. It clears my head while at the same time, it energizes me to be the best mom I can be. People may think I am selfish when I say “I need to work out,” but it is not a superficial part of me. I genuinely need to work out to de-stress, feel empowered and be happy. Plus, I think it sets a great example for healthy living to my children.

What’s your favorite go-to, light weeknight dinner?

Right now I love cooking chicken on the grill. So I try to cook a bunch of chicken for the week and then make different meals out of it. Right now, since it’s summer, my favorite meal is an Avocado-Caprese Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette from JoyfulEats.com.

You’re in the grocery store with a full cart and your baby starts crying frantically…what do you do?

If I’m in the store with a full cart and my baby starts crying frantically, I am definitely one to get embarrassed easily, so I would try to calm the baby down immediately. But regardless if that worked or not, if I have a full cart I am DEFINITELY going to pay for the food…crying baby or not. I always finish what I started!

What was your own Mama right about?

My own mother, who has become my best friend and fountain of knowledge since I had my children, was right about everything. I can’t believe how much of what she told me growing up actually comes out of my own mouth now and I see myself doing as a parent. Without her, I wouldn’t be the mother I am today, nor would my family be able to function as we do. Girls, your mothers know best, appreciate them and listen to everything they say!

Finish this sentence: Being a Mom has made me…

Being a mom has made me more grateful. I see life in a different light now and I am more appreciative of the small things. Things I used to worry about seem so minute compared to my children’s needs and wants. Being a mom has made me appreciate the simplicity of life and the joy of family.  I am extremely grateful for both of my children (and my husband!), the life they have given me, and the positive outlook I have on life because of them.


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