Executive Feature: Dave O’Brien, Founder of The Green Light

Meet Dave!

Obrien, Dave

Dave is the Founder and Director of The Green Light juice shop, based in various locations across the South Shore of MA. Dave currently resides in Duxbury with his wife, Rosangela and 23-year-old daughter, Mikaela. Outside of being an amazing Raw Food Chef, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife, growing wheatgrass, and playing cribbage.

For those who are unfamiliar, what exactly is The Green Light?

The Green Light is a Nutrition and Wellness company that provides the roadmap to optimal health for people looking to improve their current state of health through juices, smoothies, cleanses and educational classes. We are dedicated to providing the best in human nutrition to all who choose to visit us.

When and what inspired you to start your business?

It all started 10 years ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer, and I saw first-hand what conventional “medicine” had to offer. I felt that everything that they had done to “treat” him was wrong. It didn’t end well for my father. I then spent 8 years traveling the country learning from the best in human nutrition, and am convinced that nutrition is the best way to heal yourself and prevent all these so-called diseases from ever manifesting in the first place.

Since I changed my own life through nutrition 10 years ago, I now live in physical bliss every single second of every day, in a pain-free body. It’s amazing how I feel. I am now 50 years old and have never been healthier, and I have my blood work to prove it.

What would you say are the top health benefits of juicing for new mothers in particular?

The top health benefit of juicing for new moms (and for everyone) is that it will help to deliver oxygen to the human cell. The most important nutrient in the human body is oxygen; every cell in the human body is always seeking it. The more oxygen present in your blood, the more energy you will have. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have lots of energy!

Which juice combo is your personal favorite right now?

My favorite juice combo right now is a 2 oz shot of wheatgrass, followed by a 2 oz shot of ginger, and then a 24 oz “Green Light” specialty. The Green Light consists of spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, cilantro, lemon and lots of ginger. It is delicious and it’s a great way to start my day. My body looks forward to it every morning!

Where can we find The Green Light shops today?

The Green Light is located in Massachusetts, in Cohasset, Duxbury, Hingham, Marshfield and Pembroke.

Huge thanks to The Green Light for sponsoring our upcoming Wellness Workshop on October 24th where juice samples will be provided to participants as a pre-workout treat! 


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