Featured Movin’ Mama: Molly

Meet Molly!

Hall, Molly - Feature Photo 2015

Kicking off November with Molly, our 37-year old Movin’ Mama residing on the south shore of MA with her husband and three children [ages 8, 5 & 1).  As you can imagine, Molly stays super busy as a Realtor, on top of chasing around her three young ones! We asked Molly how she’s Living Well today–and here’s what she said…

How do you typically start your day?

Coffee, banana, slice of Ezekiel Bread with peanut butter and strawberry jelly.

What is your most effective form of exercise since having children?

Spin (Rhythm Ride Method at Cycle Town) and Bar Method (barre). The earlier in the morning, the better for me!

What are your top wellness products” as a new Mama?

My must-haves include: Great sports bras, cute workout clothes and a good bottle of wine opened after 5PM!

Can you share a few best practices as eating as a new Mama?

I don’t discriminate against any fresh fruit or vegetable.  Healthy fats are a priority (such as avocado, olive oil and salmon). However, I feel the need to treat myself to one great Bacon Cheeseburger (with french fries on the side of course) weekly.

Anything you forgot to do with your first that you’re doing now?

Due to exhaustion….I don’t remember much from the first!

What is your go-to healthy meal on a weeknight?

Salmon, Spicy Brussel Sprouts and Whole Grain Rice….and some chocolate for dessert. *Check out this delicious and easy one-sheet salmon with brussel sprouts recipe found at Diethood.com – enjoy at home!

Was losing the baby weight harder or easier this time around?

Definitely easier this time around with my youngest! Chasing three kids around is much harder, and they are always stealing my food!

How do you typically relieve stress?

Exercise always works wonders, plus time with friends and family…and wine doesn’t hurt…did I mention wine doesn’t hurt?!

What is one wish for your children?

I’ve been thinking about this question for days and I truly just want them to be happy–Cannot ask for anything better than that!


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