Featured Movin’ Mama: Andrea

Meet Andrea!

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Andrea is an original Bostonian at heart who now lives with her husband and three children [Two teenage-boys 16, 13, & 6-year old daughter] in Staten Island. From high school basketball games and dance recitals, to her active and (very chic!) social life in New York City, Andrea is always on the go. We asked her how life has changed in the past few years since bearing her third baby and how she’s Living Well, and here’s what she told us:

How do you typically start your day?

My mornings are crazy getting 3 kids off to 3 different schools at 3 different times, so I really try to make a conscious effort to get up at least 30 minutes before everyone else and give myself some time to wash up, moisturize and get dressed.  Then I make bagged lunches for everyone and of course breakfast. After I drop everyone off, I try to workout at the gym 3-4 times per week.

What is your favorite workout right now, and why?

Currently I am doing a full-body workout including kettle bell swings, ropes or rowing to get the heart rate going so I’m doing everything all in one shot! I love getting it all done within 1 hour.  Then I’ll do 4 exercises, i.e. squat thrust, shoulder press, bicep curls, and tricep dips in a circuit, 3 sets of 15 reps without a break. Then I will pick another 4 exercises like pull downs, rows, chest press and leg press and do the same kind of circuit.  I usually end with sit-ups and always at least a 2-3 minute plank in various positions! I always, always stretch and breathe! It’s extremely important for me to relax, breath and stretch after a vigorous workout!

What do you wish you knew when you first became a mom that you know now?

When I first became a mom I wish I would of accepted more help.  I’ve always been a do-it-myself-er and that’s good in some ways, but it’s nice to let others do things for you and help when they can. It’s such a huge exhausting adjustment being a new mom and sometimes it’s okay to let someone cook you a meal, do your laundry or even change a diaper if they can.

What is one of your recent go-to healthy dinners that you cook?

I love fish for a go-to healthy dinner (Check out one of her featured recipe’s here in our Mama-Friendly Menu).  Fish is just super quick and easy and thankfully everyone in my house eats it. I recommend letting your kids try everything at a young age, even if you don’t particularly like it.

Is losing the baby weight harder/easier this time around than before?

The baby weight thankfully came off of me by the 6-month mark with all 3 kids. You have to give yourself at least that much time and just enjoy your children.  If you’re a fit-conscious gal and didn’t gain excessive pregnancy weight, your body will adjust within the first year. Especially if you eat healthy and actively play with your children, the weight will come off. But when you get over 40 years old, it’s much harder!  This has been the most difficult time in my life to keep weight off…I’m gaining in places I never did before and I definitely can’t eat and drink like I used to, it’s a whole new ball game now for me to stay in shape!

What are a few wellness-related tips you can give to new moms?

A) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: It’s very important to take some time for yourself even if its just 15 minutes to take a nice shower and moisturize your skin.  Once the babies start talking, then they will be interrupting every shower you take for the next 16 years, trust me! It’s like as soon as the water gets turned on, the buzzer goes off to yell MOM!

B) SPEND TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONE: It’s hard to remember how that baby got there, but for many like me, it’s because you have a loving husband that has taken the backseat to that baby and is waiting for some time alone with you….so try to make some special time for each other and remember you can’t lose that loving feeling! Date nights are so important whether you make something at home or get a sitter and go out.  If you are married like I am, I’ve realized it’s important to put that first, and everything else will fall in place.

C) HYDRATION: Wine is a great stress reliever and one of my favorite beverages but you also have to make sure you hydrate your body! Drink lots of water all day long. I love starting my morning off with a big glass or 2 of room-temp lemon water before I put anything else in my body. It just gets everything going and your insides feel good!

How have you streamlined your beauty routine since having your third baby? 

My beauty routine is, as I mentioned, to wash my face first thing in the morning and re-apply moisturizer all over! If I am not going to the gym, I like to put a little mascara (Chanel le volume is my favorite) on and my new love is Revlon Colorburst lipstick in honey. I keep one in my bag, car and anywhere else I can. It stays on so well and it’s still moisturizing. The color is great for everyday! My wavy hair is always a challenge, but if I go out at night, I blow it out and curl the ends and then try not to wash it for a couple of days so it will stay styled.  Otherwise, it’s usually in a ponytail or bun until the next time I can blow it out!

What do you do when you want to have “Me” time?

Now that its summer I love to play golf and have a nice lunch or dinner with friends. I also really enjoy dates with my husband! We always have a good time, with lots of laughs and enjoy each other’s company.  I know that’s not just “Me time” so if it’s just me, I absolutely love a deep tissue body massage!


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