Top Postpartum Wellness Essentials (that I am very thankful for!)


What can’t you live without, now that you’re a Movin’ Mama? I’m not talking about your grocery list of diaper-related items for your little ones…instead, I want to know goodies that YOU Mamas are finding critical to your own well-being. Below you’ll find my personal list of Postpartum “Essentials” that are helping me live a little bit better, everyday.

Share your must-haves in the comment section to add to our list!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

facial spray

Every morning I wake up over-tired and drained from a long night of feedings and diaper changes. This spray instantly makes me feel refreshed and gives my skin a nice glow.

Nike 24oz. Water Bottle

Nike bottle

My biggest challenge since the birth of my son (and has been always) is staying hydrated. I found with a designated bottle to carry with me everywhere, I have a better chance of meeting my consumption goal (and it’s cute for the gym/runs as well!).

Medela Nursing Pads

nursing pads

After leaking unknowingly in public, I learned my lesson the hard way. It all started with a gray sports bra under a gray dry-fit T-shirt…bad idea. Apparently I wasn’t paying much attention to myself in the gym mirrors, because I left there leaking cluelessly and proceeded to grocery shop… and also have an awkward conversation with an old man out in the parking lot who looked at me like I had 10 heads. After I loaded up the car and finally saw my dried nipple stains, I realized what his problem was. And cried. And laughed. These nursing pads are great to keep in your purse for WHENEVER.

BoB Revolution Jogger


Per my recent post on the convenience of Running with my little guy, my BoB Revolution Jogger has become a must-have and huge de-stresser for those days when I can’t get out to the gym. It’s a great relief to know that I can break a sweat at my pace on my own schedule/timeline. I love this particular model because it’s super lightweight…my son is edging on 20 lbs, so that was a must for me.

Fiji Nail Polish by Essie


Manicured nails just make everything look more…polished (pun intended). But with a newborn, it’s unrealistic to do much of anything in the first few months besides enjoy your baby. Now, with my son nearing the 5-month mark, my nails have become a priority again because it makes me feel more put-together…a small piece of my pre-baby self I’m taking back. So, when I can’t sneak out to the salon, Essie’s Fiji is my personal favorite DIY color that looks great year-round with everything.

Luna Bars


My postpartum diet got off to a rough start, often skipping meals and not consuming enough calories to keep up with my breastfeeding schedule. NOT GOOD. Luna Bars quickly became one of my many go-to healthy snacks that require no cooking and have a slew of nutrients that me and the babe crave. My favorite kind of Chocolate-dipped coconut…tastes like dessert!

Lulu Lemon Wrap Sweater


I found that whether I’m nursing, lounging, or running in and out of the house to grocery shop, workout, etc. I am constantly looking for a cozy yet presentable wrap to throw on. I adore my baby-pink sweater from Lulu-Lemon, similar to the one shown here but really anything similar will do the trick!

St. Tropez Self-Tanner Mousse


As a mama, it’s tough even in the summer months to get as much sun as I’d like to with an infant in tow who has sensitive skin…and quite frankly, it’s not good for any of us to be overexposed. This St. Tropez mousse is easy to apply and the color is “on fleek” as the kids say these days. You can buy it in a few different shades depending on your tone from beauty shops like Sephora or Ulta as well as online.



So thankful I have one of these, I highly recommend investing in some sort of blender/juicer for your home, for the whole family’s sake (see Kohl’s, $119). I make myself a shake almost every single day, in hopes to pack in extra servings of fruits and veggies that I’ve missed, along with protein typically from greek or coconut yogurt and add chia seeds for energy. Also, this thing is clutch if you’re interested in making homemade baby food!

Vera Bradley Agenda


I don’t care if you’re a list-freak like me or not, every new Mama has to stay organized. While you may not have a brand new baby on a strict routine just yet, you need some kind of structure in your life or you may lose your mind. From doctor’s appointments to social ones, a planner is a great and stylish way to keep up with and adjust to your new fast-paced life as a Mama! (I found this cute 2015 agenda at the Paper Store, see link $25).

Diorshow Mascara, Catwalk Black


I don’t have much time for makeup these days, but I do try to make it a point to throw on a little mascara so I feel like I, at the very least, look awake. This has always been my favorite go-to mascara, as it creates a dramatic look and lasts all day.

Share your Mama Must-Haves in the comment section to add to our list!


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