Executive Feature: Kristen Grossman, Owner & Operator of Cycle Town

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Kristen Grossman is a Mamapreneur who recently launched her new indoor cycling studio, Cycle Town in Hingham, MA where she currently resides with her family. Off the bike, she loves adventure travel, wine & cheese, and walking her dog at Bare Cove park. I’m absolutely thrilled to partner with Kristen and team  for our upcoming Wellness Workshop on November 8th and look forward to seeing you all there! Here’s a sneak peek at our hostess with the mostess…

For those who have never been to your studio, what exactly is Cycle Town?

Cycle Town is a dedicated indoor cycling studio.  We offer a modern style of indoor cycling that is high energy, a great work out and a lot of fun.  We ride to the beat, we ride as a group, and we have an awesome time doing it. We like to call it cardio heaven on a bike!

When and what inspired you to start your business?

I craved indoor cycling where you ride to the beat of the music and there was none around here!  Also, there were few options for high cardio–but low body impact exercise, that I thought was fun.  And for me, “fun” is a huge part of the equation – exercise should be a release, not a chore, and the more music-centric the better.

I believed there was a market in Hingham and the surrounding towns for a ride that was both incredibly fun and physically challenging, so I developed one, with the help of a West-Coast studio called Rhythm Ride. It was my hope to create a community environment that was inclusive, supportive, and upbeat.  Cycle Town is built on the premise that together we get stronger, and we rock out along the way.

What has been your biggest challenge in introducing this kind of workout to your community?

The “newness” of it all…of our method, of working out in a dedicated studio, and, for some, of indoor cycling in general. Spin was around, but most often as an adjunct to a traditional gym. Our method of spin, where the rider’s pedal strokes and movements on the bike are powered by the rhythm of the music (and to great music), was new to many people.

Of the people who gave us a try in the early days, I would guess that only a handful had already experienced riding to the beat somewhere else, like in the urban studios. For many riders, this was new, and part of our challenge was showing them that our ride offers so much more than traditional spin. It doesn’t take long.  Half way through that first class you get the hang of it and after a couple of visits we see riders attack with confidence and power that’s outstanding.  It’s so rewarding to see!

What would you say are the top health benefits of Indoor Cycling for new mothers in particular?

Initially, new mothers will most benefit from re-developing cardiovascular strength. We’ve seen this happen relatively quickly within our new-mom crowd.  It’s all about consistency.

Cardio is the foundation for burning calories and shedding pounds. Our method is also incredible at developing lean, toned muscles.  It’s a full body workout with emphasis on core strength.  It’s amazing to see the body transformations some of our riders have achieved, and the positive impact the endorphins can have on clearing your head.

Who do you personally lean on for Wellness inspiration?

It takes a village! Our instructors are a like-minded group of fitness warriors who never cease to amaze and inspire me. Some of our beloved riders are yoga gurus and they’ve given me the courage to get into yoga and reap amazing stretching and calming benefits.

Lastly, critical for Wellness is taking a step back, stop doing so much myself and get more help.  I have a few friends who are really good at delegating and outsourcing and I am slowly learning this art!

As a mother of young children, what is one piece of candid advice you’d like to give to new mamas?   

Listen up new moms: No matter what it takes, make time to give yourself exercise.

Whatever exercise you like to do, make sure you do it. Exercise is the foundation for feeling good and can stabilize your mood, sleep, eating, etc. Schedule it, make it happen, whatever it takes!

After I had my daughter (2nd child), I was not working and not exercising very often.  There was no time and I didn’t have much babysitter support. It was 24-7 kids, and my daughter never slept….Not pretty.

In my anguish, my mom gave me a gift of 6-month membership at a gym that had a beautiful babysitting facility, complementary shampoos and creams, and relaxing classical music in the locker room. Sounds silly, but I was in heaven and I credit (frequent) trips to this gym for maintaining my sanity.

It was time to myself, exercise for my body, and a shower. What more could a new mom ask for? And I was only called one time over the loud speaker to report to the daycare to retrieve my screaming child! 🙂

P.S – Now she sleeps like a champ, so hang in there.


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