Featured Movin’ Mama: Crystal

Meet Crystal!

Crystal James - Feature Photo

Crystal is a 30-year-old Movin’ Mama residing on the South Shore outside of Boston, MA with her brand new son & husband. When she’s not working hard as an Application Coordinator for a large healthcare organization, she’s on the go traveling, zen-ing out with Yoga, or spending time with her family. 

How do you typically start your day?

COFFEE, snuggles with my little guy, laundry and a morning walk.

What is your favorite workout right now?

I have been going to a half spin/half circuit class that I love. The spin part is exhilarating and I love the (good) soreness of my muscles after.

What is one of your recent go-to healthy dinners that you like to cook at home?

I like to make a healthy chicken stir fry with lots of fresh veggies over rice or spaghetti squash with homemade sauce. Yum!

*Check out this easy chicken stir fry to try at home from Cookinglight.com! 

What do you do when you want to have “Me time”?

Sometimes even errands alone feels nice! For “Me time”, I like to workout, enjoy a glass of wine with friends or get a manicure & pedicure!

Can you share a couple of your recent fitness goals?

One is to lose the last 5 pounds of baby weight! And another is to regain my strength that I had before becoming pregnant. I want to be fit and healthy for my family and myself. The weight will be an easier goal – less sweets! But I will need to make time and a schedule in order to do weights.

It isn’t realistic for me to spend a lot of money on a fancy gym membership, so a class here and there mixed with lots of home workouts will be how I get back on track.

What has been your biggest challenge with wellness since the birth of your son and how are you overcoming it?

It has been hardest for me to eat healthy like I used to. Trips to the grocery store need to be quicker (often with a screaming babe!), so shopping is rushed and it is harder to be selective. Also, with breastfeeding and tending to a 3-month-old, I tend to eat whatever is available to me – which is not always the healthiest option.

Who do you lean on most for support when it comes to wellness?

I have a few girlfriends who love to workout and eat healthy with me. If I am feeling not great about myself or lazy, they will lift me up and offer to go for a walk or workout class together.

What do you love most about being a new mom so far?

Being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had! Seeing the milestones, big or small, that my son is making is one of the best feelings I have felt. I think my heart melted the first time he smiled at me!

What is one piece of candid advice you’d like to share with other new moms regarding general wellness?

People say it a lot, but you need to have your own time and not feel guilty about it! Mommy-guilt is a very real thing and sometimes I think new moms feel like they should be doing everything without complaint. Its not selfish if you want a little alone time or need a few minutes to vent… its well-deserved!


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