Executive Interview: Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

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We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Jodi Ashbrook, Owner of Open Doors Yoga Studios-Hingham, through a short series of executive interview posts that will help us all get better acquainted with our next Wellness Workshop sponsor. Our “Meditation Mixer” will take place on Friday, January 22nd from 7:30-9 PM at the Open Doors Hingham location, register today as space is limited! 

Meet Dr. Jodi Ashbrook!

Ashbrook is not only a studio owner, but also is the Founder and CEO of The Be Brand ® clothing line, and Chief Product Office of Educators Serving Educators, an educational consulting firm.

She is an inspirational author, blogger and speaker creating experiences for people to grow, reflect, and inspire them to believe in their dreams. Ashbrook herself is a certified Yoga Instructor, accomplished business leader and entrepreneur dedicated to leading projects and creating businesses that make a difference in the world.

Ashbrook believes we are all leaders. Leaders of our own personal journey. As a leader in business and in life, she lives by the philosophy, “be the leader you would follow.” When she’s not working around the clock, she loves travelling to new and exciting destinations, or relaxes through reading.

I asked Dr. Jodi a few questions to get us started, and here’s what she said…

For those who have never been to your studio, what exactly is Open Doors?

Open Doors™ Yoga Studios was established with a single location in Braintree in 2003 as the South Shore’s premier place for hot power yoga by the Founder and President, Richard Lanza. Over the last 12 years, Open Doors™ has evolved to offer a variety of yoga disciplines and averages 37,000+ students who roll out over 142,000 yoga mats at one of their 13 locations per year.

The Open Doors™ experience is designed to offer both heated and unheated classes for all levels of students.

The belief at Open Doors™ is that each of us has the potential to grow beyond our preconceived limitations. Each of us has the right to pursue those things that enliven and inspire us. Each of us has the innate ability to be happy and to discover the truth for ourselves. Open Doors is dedicated to providing the space and opportunity for individuals to transform their lives.

The Open Doors™ mission is to provide a vehicle for people to enjoy health and happiness, taught by Open Doors™ teachers who genuinely want to be part of a culture that is creating a positive force in the world. (From http://www.OpenDoors7.com)

When and what inspired you to start a franchise?

I moved to Braintree by way of Las Vegas in 2011. The Hingham studio was the very first studio I practiced at when I moved to Massachusetts. When the opportunity to take ownership of the Hingham studio presented itself, it was an easy decision for me because the space had already had such a special place in my heart.

My personal mission and part of what inspired me to take ownership over the Hingham location is to create a space and experience for people that is peaceful and eliminates all other life distractions. The hope is that at least for one hour, students who come to the studio are able to focus on their personal wellbeing.

Creating a space at the studio students want to come to is part of my mission to make yoga more inviting and less scary to people who are new to the practice. I know what the Open Doors™ community has done for me and my personal growth, and I want to play a part in giving that gift to someone else.

We welcome you to take a class at any of our Massachusetts Open Doors™ Yoga Studio locations: Weymouth, Hanover, Hingham, Duxbury, Taunton, Dorchester, Plymouth, Canton, Westwood, Easton, East Bridgewater, & North Attleboro.

Please contact Dr. Jodi directly at jodiopendoorshingham@gmail.com or visit the Open Doors™ website: www. opendoors7.com to learn more.


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